API Guide for Business Customers

*Sending request to API from your web server:

Reference API : https://colbass.com/service/apivoices.asmx

Functions to use

1) Create voice for an article , non-Blocking function, (Fire-and-Forget)

void CreateVoiceArticleNonBlock(string BusinessName, string SubscriptionID, string urlArticle, string xmlString, string languageCode, string nameVoice, double speed, double pitch, string category)

Replace parameters with:

BusinessName=<Your company name>
SubscriptionID= <subscription key >
urlArticle= <url of article>
xmlString= string (textOfTitle + " . " +textOfBrief+" . "+textOfBody) // put " . " between texts sections
category = <second category> secondary category of the article like: news, health, politics

2) Delete a voice of an article ( in case of edit the content of the article)

ReturnVal DeleteVoiceArticle(string BusinessName, string SubscriptionID, string urlArticle)

3) Check if voice was created in the system:

bool VoiceIsExist(string BusinessName, string SubscriptionID, string urlArticle)

Examples code

in C#

com.colbass.ApiVoices CreatorToColbass = new com.colbass.ApiVoices();
CreatorToColbass.Url = "https://colbass.com/service/apivoices.asmx";
//call functions:
CreatorToColbass.CreateVoiceArticleNonBlock("ExampleColbassHeb", "I-TBTX0WDAA7R", "http://www.Example.co.il/articles/121421"," article text... ","he-IL", "he-IL-AvriNeural", 1, 1, "news");

CreatorToColbass.DeleteVoiceArticle("ExampleColbassHeb", "I-TBTX0WDAA7R", "http://www.Example.co.il/articles/121421");

in PHP

$wsdlUrl = 'https://colbass.com/service/apivoices.asmx?WSDL';
$client = new SoapClient($wsdlUrl);
$parametersColbassDelete = array( "BusinessName" => 'ExampleBusiness', "SubscriptionID" => 'I-TBTX0WDAA7R' ,"urlArticle"=> 'http://www.Example.co.il/articles/4781' );
$result = $client->DeleteVoiceArticle($parametersColbassDelete)->DeleteVoiceArticleResult;

$parametersColbassCreate = array(
"BusinessName" => 'ExampleBusiness',
"SubscriptionID" => 'I-TBTX0WDAA7R',
"urlArticle"=> 'http://www.Example.co.il/articles/187' ,
"xmlString" =>'your text to read ',
"languageCode" =>'he-IL',