Business customers We will add a text to speech read aloud player to the articles on your website in any language.

Adding a text-to-speech player enhances accessibility, broadens your audience, boosts engagement, and improves SEO by offering an alternative way for visitors to consume your content.

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Private Users Generate AI Voices with Text to Speech. Enjoy Free Unlimited Downloads of the Most Fluent and Conversational AI Voices.

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Paste Your Text

This is your chance to shine by writing your own text! We give you the ability to speak for your business and create your style. Afterall, you know what sounds best!

Choose Your Voice

We have plenty of natural-sounding voiceovers recorded by real human beings! Choose your sound, accent, language and gender. You can even stand out with your own background music.

Generate Your Voice

Now your ready to implement your creation - Click, GENERATE and let the magic begin. When ready, you can download and add to the platform of your choice!


“It’s like magic, simple, easy, A-plus!”

Transform Any Text

With our software, you can create a real-human-sound broadcast presentation with all the perks, just like a high-quality recording studio. With just 3 clicks - Copy, paste, generate – you can now check off that daunting task.

Merge Multiple Voiceovers

You can create and merge multiple voiceover files into one. There is no longer a need for switching or changing to multiple voice editing software to achieve a pro-result.

Background music

You can add your own music or use our stock library to set yourself apart from competitors. We want you to be successful, so we are pulling out all the cards.


Each language has a beautiful way of speaking. Choose from our full list of accents to add to your choice of language and make it sound more natural.


We have a grand list of languages you can choose from, including: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Australian, Hindi, Mandarin and more.

No Knowledge Required

Beginner? Expert? Clueless? We’ve got you! Every action is simple and easy - in just 3 clicks, you will have created your very own A+ content.


Video sales letters (VSLS)

With Colbass, you can create high quality voiceovers that can help inform your clientele! Hiring a 3rd party service can be limited and expensive. Use our copy, paste and generate technique to easily bring your text to life and start selling.

Education/Training Videos

Reaching eager-to-learn minds successfully can create repour with your followers. Use Colbass full language library to cater to your audience(s) and create value to each viewer/listener. You will never have to decipher or use an interpreter again!

Marketing Videos

When you have a business or you’re selling a product, you want to show the world all your hard work. Use Colbass to market in a simple and easy way that will monetize your business while creating A+ content! With us, you can stay relevant any time of year.

Audio Books

On the go? Readers have expanded their comprehensive levels while working, training and everyday school drop-off/pickups. Stay ahead of the curve while giving your listeners the ability to imagine the character in real-time!


With Colbass, you can generate great text to speech recognition by selecting the language and accent that can be easily understood. Our natural-sounding voiceovers give you the ability to set the tone for your website in just 3 simple clicks!

Option to implement Read Aloud articles in your website in 5 second !


Finding a Freelancer Is Exhausting

Tired of researching for someone who fits what you’re looking for? We are too – That’s why with Colbass you can skip the marketplace and start creating right away! Let us help you take what you already know and put it into action.

Voiceovers Are Overpriced

Why pay an arm and a leg for a service you can do yourself? Now there’s no need to – Colbass has taken the time to put together an entire software that gives you high quality results as if you paid top dollar at a private agency.

Turnaround Can Be Slow

Are you still waiting for a reply? Wait no more – We found a solution and can’t wait for you to show the world what you’re capable of. Stop waiting for an open spot or for a reply, take your hard earned knowledge and apply it today!
“If time is money, then quit wasting time.” Our customer service team is ready to help with any step you may need! Contact us with any questions and we will work to find a solution.


Hear us out and test some of our most popular voiceover samples. With our library of sounds, languages, accents and music, you have full control when adding that special touch! (button and samples here)


You can change the speed after registration

Deep effect

You can change Deep Effect after registration


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